What type of shoes should my child wear?
Not soccer boots.  Our venues are all indoors on wooden floors so any sport or casual shoe that is covered in and with a non-marking sole is suitable.  Trainers are ideal (bare feet is fine).

Is there a Kiddie Kicks uniform?
We offer an optional orange Kiddie Kicks t-shirt and black Kiddie Kicks shorts and while it is not compulsory, most of our families choose to buy them.  The full uniform of shorts and shirt is $35 and this price includes black iron-on lettering of your child’s name.  Uniforms can be purchased from the coach at class.  Any type of shorts, track pants or tights are fine.

Are parents expected to participate?
We want children to get as much out of class as possible so for some children this will mean parents need to join in.  We do expect a parent or caregiver to be present at every class.  We find that our 2 year old children get much more out of the class if parents are actively involved, so particularly for the first couple of weeks, you will need to be with your child during class.   At age 3 and 4 most children are ok on their own but we still expect your support from the sideline for those moments when your child may need you.

How long is a class?
40 minutes.  Please arrive 5 minutes before class starts and we ask that you do not disrupt a class in progress.

Do I get a discount if I enrol more than one child?
Yes. If you pay per term the cost is $14.50 per session for the first child and $12.50 per session for any additional sibling.  If you come along on a casual basis and pay week by week the cost is $18 for the first child and $15 for any additional sibling.

Do I get a refund if my child is away from class?
Unfortunately we cannot offer a refund if your child misses a class as we are unable to sell the place reserved for your child at short notice.  However we are happy for your child to do a make-up class at any of our other venues at a time and location that is mutually agreed.

Are classes cancelled in bad weather?
No.  All our venues are indoors and suitable for year round activity.

Is it ok to bring other siblings or friends along to class?
Yes it is. However, we require extra children to remain on the sidelines and off the court during class.  This is important for health and safety reasons and in fairness to the other families who have paid fees to attend class and benefit from coaching time.


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